All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development :USAID & World Vision

‘Literacy unlocks human potential.’-

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), in partnership with World Vision and the Australian government, launched the second round of All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development on February 27. The main aim of the Literacy Grant Competition is to award a total of $2.7 million to programs and initiatives that seek to empower children by challenging any dysfunctional infrastructure that may hinder the reading process.

Grant applications are under-way on the website

The second round will be primarily focused on the use of effective and cost-efficient tools and methods instrumental in nurturing not only a thirst for knowledge but an appreciation for global science, technology, education and broader development.

The three main areas are:

• Mother tongue instruction and reading materials.

• Family and community engagement.

• Children with disabilities.

Additionally, a $100,000 “Enabling Writers” prize that calls for organizations and individuals to create innovative software that can be used to draft early grade reading materials in local languages is offered by the All Children Reading partners.

The USAID in 2011, developed the All Children Reading Grand Challenge for Development in order to reach its goal of getting 100 million children reading by 2015. USAID is centred on finding solutions to improve reading skills for children in the early grades.

To learn more about All Children Reading, the second grant competition and the Enabling Writers prize, go to the competition website.

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