For the 2015/16 academic year, Do Good Jamaica included a Crayons Count Math Workbook in the Crayons Count Learning Kits.  Copies were provided to each school and can be downloaded for free here.  This math workbook was made possible by a grant from the American Friends of Jamaica to develop and print the materials, with […]

Making Math Fun

2,400,000 pages of paper • 648,000 crayons • 64,800 tubs of paint • 36,000 puppets • 21,600 paintbrushes • 21,600 gluesticks • 12,000 puzzles • 12,000 tubs of Play Doh • 10,800 pairs of scissors • 8,911 books • 5,400 balls • 3,000 lacing and shapes manipulatives (Primer Pack) • […]

Boxes, Boxes and More Boxes: Crayons Count & National Baking ...

  Do Good Jamaica is grateful to have the support of Price Philanthropies Foundation for its Crayons Count initiative for the second consecutive year. The Price Philanthropies Foundation is a private family foundation based in the US which supports various non-profit agencies and institutions.  The Foundation was created in 1983 […]

Do Good Jamaica Garners Support from PriceSmart Founders

Read Across Jamaica Day 2014 was the best to date. Why? Because the Rotary Club of Kingston was front and centre reading up a storm. May 6th 2014 was Reading Across Jamaica Day and Crayons Count and the Rotary Club of Kingston were blessed with smiles and laughter from the […]

Looking Back at Read Across Jamaica Day 2014: Rotary Club ...

“Teachers are the life blood of the success of any school”- Sir Ken Robinson To know Crayons Count is to know that we are dedicated to the early childhood education cause in every facet. Our primary objectives are to provide recommended learning resources to early childhood institutions across Jamaica and […]

Thumbs Up! Crayons Count Teacher Training Tours

Learning lorry? Check Excited teachers? Check Smiling children? Check  Pegs, crayons, play doh, pegs and pegboards? Check, check, check and check The Crayons Count Teacher Training School tour rolled out Tuesday, September, 17 at St. Boniface ECDC and Thursday, September, 19 at Joy Town Learning Academy. The learning lorry was […]

Taking It Island Wide: Crayons Count Teacher Training School Tour

An orange goo named ‘Flubber’, a three way garden hose telephone, an African woman made from newspaper and corn-starch and oil? Sounds like a recipe for madness or the ingredients for an amazing, fun and fresh workshop for early childhood educators. Back 2 Basics was its name and interactive learning […]

Back 2 Basics Workshop: A Great, Big ‘Ooey Gooey’ Success