3D Projects

Dedicated to the Development of Persons with Disabilities'. 3D represents the three major areas of disability- sensory, learning, and motor- and three crucial areas of rehabilitation: social, educational and economic. 3D Projects are Jamaica's first fully established community based rehabilitation programme. Based in the parish of St. Catherine, there is a network of rural community groups comprising parents of disabled children and disabled persons in the parishes of Manchester, St. Thomas, St. Mary and Portland. All persons with disabilities should be recognized as citizens and should be accorded all rights extended to other citizens. Persons with disabilities must have the equal opportunity to participate in the social and economic life of the community. Persons with disabilities must have access to supports and resources to enable them to participate.  The goal of this process is to create a warm, loving environment within their homes and communities.

Contact Information

Address: 14 Monk Street, Spanish Town, St. Catherine
Phone: (876) 984-2840
Fax: (876) 984-7808
Email: threedprojects@yahoo.com
Open: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Contact: Managing Director
Phone: Tel: (876) 984-2840
Fax: Fax: (876) 984-7808
Email: threedprojects@yahoo.com

Provides community based rehabilitation (CBR) services for persons with disabilities requiring the following:

  1. Home training programmes;

  2. Counseling;

  3. Educational placements;

  4. Job placement or employment development;

  5. Provides advocacy for persons with disabilities and their families in obtaining community services in home training   programmes;

  6. Develops parent associations and leadership for the purposes of solidarity, advocacy, and parent mutual support.

  7. Trains people in the community in many aspects of inclusion

Youths with disabilities fall into two categories, Community Based Rehabilitation 0-6 years and Educational Assessment 3-18. Adolescent Adult programme for 17 years onward.

Community Based Rehabilitation medial cost is $1,000 and Educational Assessment $4,000

  1. Home Visiting Programme:This programme, which includes early stimulation, at present serves some 800 families. Community Rehabilitation Workers (CRWs) visit disabled children in their homes and train family members (often mothers) to teach the children life skills. The CRW monitors the home programme and counsels the family when necessary.

  2. Stroke Rehabilitation Programme: Offers home care to stroke patients. Our CRWs are trained and supervised by professional physiotherapists, and clients are referred by local doctors and hospitals. The average rehabilitation period is from six months to one year.

  3. Training:We offer a continuous programme of local and regional courses and seminars for parents, 3D staff, adolescents and adults with disabilities, teachers and professionals. These feature orientation to disabilities, community based rehabilitation, programme supervision, and teaching techniques. This has become such an important aspect that we have bought some land adjacent to our head office, to house a training centre. In 1995, we documented our training programmes in a series of 12 video and manual packages which are currently available from the Documentation Unit at 42 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10 (Tel: 1-876-960-2329).

  4. Training Manuals and Videos available from 3D Projects:

  5. Parent Training - facilitating the training of parents of children with disabilities.

  6. The Work Experience Project - pre-vocational training and exposure for young adults with disabilities.

  7. Income Generating Projects - self-help for parents of children with disabilities.

  8. Stroke Rehabilitation for Community Workers - facilitating the training of community workers in the basic skills for rehabilitating stroke patients at home.

  9. Teacher Orientation to Early Childhood Disability - facilitating the training of preschool teachers in handling the child with a disability.

  10. Conducting Disability Surveys - a guide for community leaders in implementing surveys.

  11. Early Detection and Intervention in Childhood Disability - training for primary health care workers.

  12. Assessment of Children with Disabilities - facilitating the training of the professional heath care worker.

  13. Orientation on Disability - introducing disability issues to the public.

  14. Child Rearing Skills - facilitating training in principles of childhood learning and behavior.

  15. Parent-to-Parent Counseling - a guide for parents of children with disabilities to help other parents.

  16. Drama in Community Education - addressing disability issues through drama.

  17. Clinics -These are held every week in different parishes.

  18. Inclusive Pre-School Education -We operate an advocacy programme for placing children with disabilities in regular schools where they are supervised by the psychological assessment clinic and school visiting programme. The latter combines the identification of children with disabilities in regular schools with the exposure of teachers to the needs of youngsters with disabilities through training courses. Over 200 children have been placed in pre-schools in Manchester alone and more and more teachers are interested in this programme.

  19. Adaptive Aids - To assist children with physical disabilities to function more independently, 3D has a small adaptive aid workshop at the office in Spanish Town where community rehabilitation workers make simple functional aids.

  20. Adolescent/Adult Programme -A variety of programmes have been developed to serve disabled adolescents and young adults, geared to fostering independence and self-sufficiency. These include self advocacy groups with activities in vocational habilitation and skills training. Programmes of job placement, cottage industry, independent living, sports and social skills also help to facilitate the development of persons with disabilities in their community. Teams of adults with disabilities are now working in several enterprises in St. Catherine. More recently, we have established paper recycling projects in Spanish Town and Morant Bay.

  21. Pre-School Unit-We operate an inclusive nursery for children with and without disabilities in Mandeville where the children receive much needed stimulation.

  22. Parent Activities - Equal emphasis is given to the development of parent associations as is placed on the services of 3D Projects. In addition to the training programmes listed above, members participate in an ongoing programme of leadership development, income generation, and social activities.

  23. Conferences -The Parent Association for Persons with Disabilities, our 'parent bodies', combine their annual general meetings with parish conferences, focusing on relevant aspects of the lives of persons with disabilities and keeping parents up to date on plans and activities.

  24. The 3D Projects Training Centre -Our greatest dream is the establishment of a Training Centre which would allow 3D Projects to increase its ability to train professionals, parents, and persons with disabilities. The demand for training both locally and throughout the Caribbean has increased as we have expanded our expertise in the field of disability services. Currently, most of our training activities are carried out in rented church halls and community centres which are not suitable for our needs. With the assistance of an architect, we have designed the building and written a proposal for funding. We are now seeking assistance for the project.

  25. Consultancy Services -3D offers a range of consultancy services in the areas of programme development, training, and research in the field of disability for private, public, and volunteer organizations. Our approach is to identify needs, develop aims and objectives, and assist in implementing them in an efficient and cost effective manner.