Abilities Foundation

The Abilities Foundation was established in November 1991 and is a registered voluntary organization. The Foundation works in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and the HEART Trust/National Training Agency. The Abilities Foundation is committed to provide quality vocational education to persons with disabilities to enable them to function as creative and productive citizens. It is the leading organization offering learning opportunities that will produce graduates who are able to access further education and training and become confident and competent individuals at the work place and in society at large.

The major objectives are:

  1. To offer market-driven vocational education to persons with disabilities, for the development of marketable skills.

  2. To improve employment opportunities by forging links with other national agencies, for further training and job enhancement

  3. To teach young adults with disabilities good work ethics, and to facilitate their social and emotional re-adjustment to ensure effective integration into the wider society

  4. To establish a vocational resource center capable of providing technical information and offering practical assistance to persons with disabilities, as well as to potential employers.

  5. To operate a sales outlet for goods made by persons with disabilities.

Contact Information

Address: 191 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8
Phone: (876) 969-5720; 969-5721
Fax: (876) 969-5719
Email: info@abilitiesfoundation.org
Open: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Contact: Managing Director
Phone: 876) 924-6619
Fax: (876) 969-5719
Email: info@abilitiesfoundation.org


  1. Information Technology: The Abilities Foundation provides a two year course in information technology that consists of two modules, trainee and second year. The first year students are required to do basic Office Procedures and the secondyear students are taught how to use Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Data Base programmes.

  2. Cabinet Making: Cabinet Making is taught to trainees for two years. The First years are taught courses like First Aid, Use and care of hand tools, Shop Maintenance. Second years are taught Design and construction of furniture, use and care of power tools.

  3. Garment Construction: Garment construction is a 2 year course. During the first year trainees are given a two part introductory course on the Roles and function in the Garment Industry in Jamaica’s Economy.  In the second year a revision of body measurement, and the trainees are introduced to, fabric construction on which they are given a project, pattern drafting and assembling.

  4. Horticulture/Landscaping: Horticulture and Landscaping course is of two years duration. The first year trainees are introduced to horticulture by learning the basic plant names, both common and botanical. They are also introduced to common garden tools, their uses and care, Land preparation, vegetable garden and seedbed preparation. The second years are taught plant propagation, flowerbed design, lawn manicuring and landscaping, and plant potting and professional care.

Any individual over age 17 who has a disability may apply to the Foundation. Successful applicants are also required to register with the Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities and in cases of persons with mental retardation or who are slow learners, an assessment is necessary. Training begins in September of each year after an individual interview is conducted.

Tuition cost is paid annually before entry to program of choice. Non-nationals attract a separate tuition fee.

Applicants should be at Grade 9 level of literacy and are required to sit an entrance test in May of each year. The entry test comprises:

  1. Logic/Reasoning
  2. Mathematics
  3. English
  1. Employment

  2. Certification (Information Technology and Garment Construction, Horticulture and Landscaping)