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The Citizens Response JA team was brought together through the shared goal of contributing to the efforts in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The team is made up of entrepreneurs, engineers, technical experts, medical doctors, consultants and companies committed to this fight. 

How You Can Help

Our team needs access to 3D printers, spool, sheets of laminate (as would be used by standard printeries), financial and other in-kind resources, as well as, appropriate connections to facilitate our work with healthcare professionals on the frontlines of this crisis. 

  • If you believe you can support us in this initiative, please contact 
  • To learn more or join the team, please email us at: 
  • To sign up specifically to provide the use of a 3D printer to this cause: Sign up here.
  • To reach us on Twitter or Instagram; use the hashtag #CitizensResponseJA 

We are making a call to anyone that has a 3D printer that they could provide to speed up production, please go to: Sign Up Form. We need all the help we can get.

Global supply chains for medical resources are heavily disrupted. Countries have to start looking at local solutions to help offset the demand. Here’s a list of things that the hospitals need, if you’re a part of a business, organization or other group that has the means consider producing:[insert list here]

Our ventilator has already began development and us and other parties involved are confident in our ability to meet the minimum requirements outlined by local authorities. We have a lot of support from the Faculty of Engineering as well as the UWI Medical Faculty, however we do need additional resources to see it through.

The Citizens, or the team of individuals working on this initiative are listed below. As updated on March 30th 2020. Please be mindful that this list is updated on a daily basis and we are always looking for support from other dedicated citizens, anxious to be of assistance in this crisis.

NAMECompanyCompany Role
Larren PeartBlueDotFounder & CEO
Yekini Wallen-BryanPreeLabs LimitedCEO 
Ali MatalonCorpCare Social Impact Consultants Ltd. Founder & MD
Christopher GayleGizzada Ltd.CEO & Software Developer
Kriston Kong PreeLabs LimitedProduct Developer
Shane Smith  PreeLabs Limited Contract Developer 
Stephan Rampair  
Marc FranksonDesigns by Marc LimitedOperations Manager
Shawn WenzelCaribTek Inc.President
Tai DaCostaRadiant Energy LtdDirector of Operations
Dr. Nadia McLeanPaediatrician and Paediatric Nephrologist
Dr. Khia DuncanUWI HospitalENT Surgeon
Ja’dan JohnsonOpen Source Medical SuppliesCoFounder
Todd RhodenCrimson Dawn MfgDirector of Sales & Marketing
Dr. Landi PeartKPH 
Paul Pounall  
Summer JarrettKAJ by Summer Jarrett Founder & CEO
Deika Morrison Do Good Jamaica Co-Founder & Chair 
David Walcott NovaMed Founder & CEO 
Daniel Schwapp Schwapp Technical LaboratoriesFounder & CEO 
Leah Goldson CorpCare Social Impact Consultants Ltd. Research Analyst 
Dr. Paul AikenMona TechManaging Director
Dr. Adrian LawrenceUWI Mona Faculty of EngineeringActing Dean
Simone Brown 876 Volunteer Founder & Chief 
Dominic SummersChord Co/The CollabCEO & Operator
Dr. Dánielle LevyNational Blood Transfusion Services (Blood Bank)Medical Doctor
Zackary FrayPremier Land & Water Development Ltd.Civil Engineer

The response is an effort focused on providing solutions to shortages experienced by the healthcare sector in the fight against COVID-19. These solutions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Identifying the needs and challenges faced by our healthcare sector and communicating to the public ways in which they could provide support.
  2. Setting up relevant channels of communication to ensure that those with the means of supplying solutions have a way of liasoning with the official healthcare bodies to deliver solutions in a way that meets the requirements of the healthcare sector. 
  3. Identifying private companies and individuals who can provide resources to collaborate and ensure that the solutions requested by the relevant bodies are provided. 

It is critical to note that these initiatives are experimental and are a response to a crisis, not what would typically be done under normal circumstances. Further, these deliverables are pending approval by the local medical authorities. 

    • 3D printing the frames of face shields (to be assembled with laminate) for medical professionals to extend the life or support prolonged use of N95 masks which are already in shortage globally. A collaborative effort of various individuals of the network spearheaded by PreeLabs Limited and BlueDot Data Intelligence Limited
    • Having 5,500 surgical masks sewn by hand through work with the Kingston Kiwanis Club, Stephan Rampair, KAJ by Summer Jarrett and generous donation of material and sewing equipment / factory time by Marc Frankson of Designs by Marc Ltd and Todd Rhoden of Crimson Dawn Ltd

    • With hopes to have other groups join in donating N95 masks, hazmat suits, gloves, etc. which will be critical in the fight against covid-19 
    • Resources are provided below on how YOU too can sew your own mask for day-to-day use. 

        • Engineering of a low-cost emergency ventilator referencing and building upon other foreign initiatives providing open source designs and collaboration accelerating the R&D process. A collaborative effort of various individuals of the network spearheaded locally by PreeLabs Ltd., with use of open source research from organisations like MIT and the guidance of local medical experts in the fields of anesthesiology and pulmonology,
        • 3D printing ventilator parts for repair or for adaptation of ventilator systems

      • Repair of broken ventilators from the UHWI. They have received 8 to date with more on the way. An initiative spearheaded by Mona Tech Engineering Services Limited with the assistance of the UWI Mona Faculty of Engineering providing lab space and other resources

      Research on DIY Masks, Rapid-Build Ventilator Systems, PPEs and more