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Do Good Jamaica Garners Support from PriceSmart Founders

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Do Good Jamaica is grateful to have the support of Price Philanthropies Foundation for its Crayons Count initiative for the second consecutive year. The Price Philanthropies Foundation is a private family foundation based in the US which supports various non-profit agencies and institutions.  The Foundation was created in 1983 by Sol and Helen Price, the former being the co-founder of the PriceSmart chain of membership shopping clubs.

Last year, Price Philanthropies Foundation donated 5,200 picture books for early childhood institutions.  This year, the Foundation has donated 8,900 picture books that focus on building manners and math skills – and in doing so supports both our early childhood and manners campaigns.

Below is a release from Price Philanthropies Foundation,

PriceSmart Founders support Crayons Count Initiative

Stemming from PriceSmart’s interest in supporting local initiatives to improve education, the founders of PriceSmart via their family foundation have donated more than 8,900 children’s literature books to support the Crayons Count Initiative operated by the non-profit organization Do Good Jamaica.

Recognizing the lack of basic educational materials in the country’s early childhood centers, Crayons Count provides a kit of basic supplies and educational materials to each of the almost 2,600 schools which have applied for registration with the Early Childhood Commission.  These kits will include the books donated by The Price Philanthropies Foundation.

“Education is a key factor in breaking the cycle of poverty and promoting social and economic change,” commented Robert Price, the President of Price Philanthropies Foundation.  “Supporting early childhood education through Crayons Count fits well with our foundation’s core values and beliefs.”

Below are the books donated for the upcoming school year.

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