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Council Of Voluntary Social Services

The Council of Voluntary Social Services is a national, non-profit umbrella organization. Our mission is to build the capacity of members and the wider community and create sustainable alliances, facilitating mutual support and joint action; and to represent the concerns of social sector including disadvantaged and vulnerable groups at national and international levels.    

Contact Information

Address: Coronation Building, 122-126 Tower Street, Kingston
Phone: (876) 922-9365-6
Fax: (876) 922-1033
Open: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Contact: Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 876) 922-9365-6
Fax: (876) 922-1033

  1. Membership Education/Sensitization

  2. Training/ Resource Development

  3. Advocacy

  4. Liaison with Government, Other Umbrella Organizations & NGOs

  5. Data Collection & Dissemination

  6. Inter-Agency Collaboration

  7. Services to Staff

Membership for CVSS is $7,500 per annum.

Organizations are asked to:

  • Submit an application along with Constitution and/or Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Submit the last Annual Report, audited cash statement and thereafter annual reports and audited cash statements.
  • Share with the Council information on programmes and activities.
  • Pay affiliation fee regularly and punctually by April 30. 
  • Participate actively on at least one sub-Committee/sector in the CVSS.


National Registry of Volunteers, National Volunteer Centre - 2d Camp Road – (876) 906-0065


Specific funding categories are decided from year to year by an allocation committee, but usually include projects relating to Early Education, Skills Training, Health and Community Development. 

  1. Access to funding for qualified projects via CVSS’ sister organization – United Way of Jamaica;

  2. Ongoing information regarding funding sources;

  3. Access to technical assistance;

  4. Training opportunities;

  5. Access to skills bank of resource people;

  6. Representation with government regarding benefits to the Voluntary Sector;

  7. Unified advocacy on current issues;

  8. Exposure for member constituents;

  9. NGO collaboration and exchange of ideas (especially within the sector);

  10. Provision of information on issues relevant to NGOs;

  11. Staff benefits (Health Insurance, Pension Scheme); and

  12. Opportunities for networking.