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Jamaica AIDS Support

Founded in 1991, JAS is today Jamaica’s oldest and largest AIDS, human rights, non-government organization. Jamaica AIDS Support (JAS) is dedicated to preserving the dignity and rights of persons living with HIV/AIDS and to help in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS by providing education and other interventions – to promote changes in attitudes and behaviors and empower persons to respond positively to the challenges. JAS does not discriminate against persons because of color, race, disability, gender, class, sexual orientation, age or religious belief.

Contact Information

Address: 3 Hendon Drive, Kingston 20
Phone: (876) 925-0021/2
Open: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Contact: Executive Director, Mrs. Kandasi Levermore
Phone: (876) 925-0021/2

  1. Education and Prevention- The JAS Education/Prevention Programmes are aimed at heightening awareness about the disease and at influencing positive behaviour change. These programmes target the general public through monthly community Walk and Talks, three radio and one television programmes and one newspaper column on a weekly basis. (Public Education, Advocacy and Social Marketing Department). JAS also works very closely with other groups that are considered to be at high risk for contracting HIV. These include sex workers, prisoners, sexual minorities and persons with disabilities (Targeted Interventions Department).

  2. Care and Support - In each JAS Chapter, the Support Services Department offers care and support to those infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS through counseling, facilitated support groups, a Friends volunteer programme and peer support. Life's Work is an income-generating work therapy programmes for positive people are producing a range of hand-made quality candles, soaps and cards. The Home Based Care programme which sees us going into the homes of people living with AIDS, offering information, counseling/support, medication and care packages of groceries and health aids. In conjunction with the Government's Surveillance programme, JAS also delivers a free voluntary counseling and HIV Testing programme where confidential pre and post test counseling are given. Orphans and other children made vulnerable by HIV (OVC) are also given special attention through counseling, school fees, medication and foster parenting.

  3. Administration and Finance - This Department is entrusted with providing administrative support for overall functioning of the organization. It manages the finances and provides an administrative hub around which programmes revolve. Finance and Administration Department. As part of the JAS sustainability plan, this department is commissioned with the responsibility of securing funding for the organizations programmes and operations. It does this through a variety of fundraising raising ventures and negotiations with funding sources

Jamaicans infected and affected with HIV/AIDS.

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Providing support and care for those infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

  1. Providing support and education for the members of specific minority groups which are considered to be at high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

  2. Advocating for the preservation of the human rights of persons living with HIV/AIDS and the members of minority groups which are considered to be at high risk of HIV.

  3. Treatment.

In Montego Bay, we are located at:

1st floor, Van Haze Building

16 East Street

Montego Bay

St. James


Contact us at:

Tel:       (876) 952-9817

Fax:      (876) 940-7386