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Jamaica Exporter’s Association

Export Jamaica is a service of the Jamaica Exporters Association (JEA). The JEA is an association of certified exporters which has been in operation for over 30 years. The JEA has over 200 members (companies, individuals and organizations) representing Jamaica's export sector. To its members, the JEA provides leading edge technical assistance, training, export market information and export facilitation. The JEA also operates closely with several business partners, both local and international

Contact Information

Address: 1 Winchester, Kingston 10, Jamaica
Phone: (876) 968-5812; 960-4908; 920-6702
Fax: (876) 960-9869
Open: Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 4:45 pm Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Contact: General Manager
Phone: (876) 960-98696; 968-5812
Fax: (876) 927-5137

Locate Jamaican suppliers, download/order market information, and access other products/services of the JEA.

Jamaican and International businesses, persons and organizations that are exporting or intend to export are eligible to join the JEA.

Membership cost depends on the number of employees.

Number of Employees












Over 200


  1. Jamaican Membership - Jamaican companies who are exporting or thinking of starting out in the sector, as well as companies providing general or unique services to the sector, e.g. banks, shipping agencies, consultants. Two references from companies in good standing.
  2. International Membership - JEA welcomes the opportunity to network with and provide service to international companies. They also recognize the need for strategic alliances with overseas enterprises. They are pleased to offer Associate membership in the association. Our professional and highly motivated staff will be happy to assist you.

Membership provides unique networking opportunities and customized services ranging from market research, financial windows, training and technical assistance. If they don't have it, they'll attempt to get it for you. Some of the main products and services enjoyed by members are listed below:

Jamaican Membership

  1. Export Market Research:  Product specific trade statistics, import regulations, quality specifications, and buyer contacts are available upon faxed or emailed member request, normally within 48 - 72 hours of inquiry receipt. Members are also invited to use the JEA library which is computer catalogued, has a part-time librarian, and features a range of industry periodicals, equipment suppliers' catalogues and technical reports.

  2. Financing:  The JEA offers, to qualifying companies, US dollar loans at competitive rates under the auspices of financing programs through the World Bank, the Government of Jamaica, the Government of the Netherlands, and other donor agency programs.

  3. Lobbying:  Reports and representations to the Government on legislation, regulations and policies affecting the export sector are made on a regular basis by the JEA on behalf of its members.

  4. Training:  Seminars and workshops are sponsored and co-sponsored by the JEA throughout the year, with a concentration on methods to increase production and export. Technical specialists are also supplied to a limited number of small and medium sized companies under the auspices of special technical assistance programs in areas such as pack house operations, line design, quality assurance, sales management, packaging and labeling, etc.

  5. Technology:  An Information Systems Advisor, working out of JEA offices is now available to undertake "technology audits" for member companies requesting assistance with Information Systems infrastructure. The JEA operates a popular Web site, Export Jamaica, which is under constant expansion and revision. Member Web sites may be constructed under this umbrella and there is also a Members Only area that shares market, technical and other information with members online.

  6. Promotion:  In addition to the internationally acclaimed bi-annual JMA/JEA Trade Expo, the annual National Exporters Week at which the JEA presents its prestigious exporters awards, trade missions and exhibitions are coordinated intermittently throughout the year. Some amount of promotion may also be afforded via the JEA Web site, Export Jamaica.

  7. Publications:  All export-oriented; these are mainly user friendly guides to accessing overseas markets, and forecasts on growth sectors into the new millennium. The Annual JEA membership directory remains a consistently handy reference tool, and the monthly newsletter "Keeping in Touch", featuring JEA membership news, association activities, a comprehensive overseas trade show list, and product/market "updates" in JEA sub-sectors.

  8. Match-Making: They offer two services. The first is that of responding to information requests that come in from importers and prospective importers regarding Jamaican products and exporters. The relevant information is passed to them, including the contact information of possible Jamaican exporters. The second service is a listing in the database of Jamaican exporters, which is available to international importers. Both services are free for members of the Jamaica Exporters Association.