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Jamaican Children’s Heart Fund

The mission of Jamaican Children's Heart Fund is to facilitate and address the urgency reflected in the increasing, rather than decreasing list of infants and children with congenital and acquired heart problems in Jamaica.

Contact Information

Address: 1150 NW 35th Avenue, Suite 575, Hollywood, Florida 33021
Phone: 954-914-8273
Fax: 305-377-8156

Contact: Dr. Richard Perryman, Mrs. Gwendolyn Grant
Phone: 305-218-0756 or 305-603-4396
Fax: 305-377-8156

  1. To be strong advocates for the cardiac care of indigent children with acquired or congenital heart disease in Jamaica.

  2. Determined persistence in reducing the mortality rate of indigent children with heart disease in Jamaica.

  3. Facilitate and encourage a process of early detection and treatment of heart disease in Jamaican children.

  4. Partnerships with Global Mission Building Organization.

  5. To advocate and contribute to the healthcare of Jamaican children in need

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The team has recently established themselves under the name Jamaican Children's Heart Fund, Inc. - the purpose, to facilitate and address the increased needs for additional cardiac surgical mission trips to Jamaica annually, aimed at providing a new lease on life for children with heart disease. The team trips to date have been only once per year. It is therefore the object of JCHF, Inc. to increase these missions to at least 3 - 4 trips annually. The team will now be independently available for sponsorship or co- sponsorship by any organization or individuals committed to giving children the gift of life.

The question becomes, why is Jamaica the target of this team's commitment and focus? The answer is reflected in the urgency displayed in the increasing, rather than decreasing list of infants and children with congenital and acquired heart problems in Jamaica. The waiting list for surgery and for those yet to be evaluated needs our immediate attention and action. Many have been waiting for a long time, some for years. Without this much needed surgery, many will die and have been dying at a very early age. To date the rise in acquired and congenital heart disease is especially visible among indigent children in Jamaica.

The JCHF team has been together on these missions for over six years, and is strong advocates for children's healthcare. Having been in a position to intimately see the challenges these children face, they are deep committed to changing this situation collectively. They are therefore offering quality medical skills free of cost to help heal youngsters with heart conditions. To make this a reality they have given up their personal vacation time and work long hours in often challenging conditions to make this a reality.

Additionally, the team generates funds through fundraising activities and donation solicitation to defray the cost of the cardiac surgery, hospitalization and medication to the families, provide additional education and training in the field of Pediatric Heart surgery and Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care, thereby empowering Jamaican medical professionals to carry on the work.