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Women’s Media Watch

Women’s Media Watch – Jamaica is a civil society, not-for- profit organization comprising a core volunteer membership of women and a wide network of male and female associates. Founded in 1987, WMW is volunteer-driven and operates a small secretariat with three part-time staff. The organization works to improve the images of women and men in the media as one way of reducing violence.  Jamaica's Women's Media Watch – Jamaica (WMW) has worked with journalists to develop gender-aware media practices, and to influence broadcast policy and legislation. The organization also provides training programs for diverse audiences on the prevention of gender based violence and the promotion of gender equality.

Contact Information

Address: 14 South Avenue, Kingston 10
Phone: (876) 926-0882
Fax: (876) 929-7079
Open: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Contact: Training Coordinator
Phone: (876) 926-0882
Fax: (876) 929-7079

WMW runs a multipronged training, advocacy and research programme which utilizes innovative and participatory methodologies. The WMW programme comprises:

  1. Training and Professional Development

  2. Audio/Visual and Printed Resources

  3. Media Monitoring and Research

  4. Communications and Coalition Building for Social Change

  5. Advocacy for Policy and Legislative Reform

  6. Resource Partner for Media Institutions

We conduct projects in rural and urban areas, partnering with and serving:

  1. Schools, training colleges, universities;

  2. Professional organizations;

  3. Civil society organizations including community groups and youth clubs;

  4. Public sector agencies; and

  5. Media houses and journalists.

Indication of willingness to volunteer in WMW activities.

Creates policy frameworks to sensitize media practitioners with good story ideas, data on women's issues, and lobbied for a new Broadcasting Code for Children's Programming (sensitive to sex, violence and stereotyping). WMW has pioneered interactive training techniques modules/resources for addressing gender-based violence and promoting gender equality.