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Youth Crime Watch Of Jamaica

Youth Crime Watch of Jamaica (YCWJ) is one of the 26 international affiliates of Youth Crime Watch of America (YCWA) headquartered in Miami. The YCWJ is a Non-Governmental Organization which seeks to develop youth-led and targeted strategies to combat issues of crime prevention, healthy lifestyle, positive life choices, self-esteem development, civic responsibility, employment and alternative livelihood, violence reduction and crime prevention within schools and communities.


  1. To contribute to Jamaica’s nation-building process by:

    1. Promoting a research-driven response to issues of crime and violence as it affects Jamaica’s youth

    2. Developing a repository of information on youth and development

    3. Influencing policies relevant to youth through lobbying and other activities

    4. Assisting with policy implementation

  2. To build public awareness towards promoting the following:

    1. Healthy Lifestyles

    2. Positive Life Choices

    3. Violence Reduction

    4. Crime Prevention

  3. To empower, educate and increase awareness and responsibility among Jamaica’s youth.

  4. To contribute to sustainable community development through:

    1. Building capacity at local levels

    2. Promoting community safety

    3. Enhancing community partnerships and togetherness; and

    4. Helping to secure the future of Jamaica’s children

  5. To promote love.

Activities by Component

Education and Training

The focus of this component is to offer the relevant training and educational/information resources to support the rolling out of the YCW mandate, the implementation of new YCW sites, and the sharing and learning of best practices. The YCWJ will be building upon this experience and taking lessons learned to define and expand models across the country. The core elements of the training are: training of trainers, implementation training, workshops and seminars, and national and international conferences.

Site Implementation

This component focuses on strengthening national involvement including schools, NGOs and community-based organizations.

Research and Documentation

An important approach to the YCWJ strategy will be to develop a reputable database to assist with the formulation and development of policy. The basic premise underlying this strategy is to ensure that all those involved in the discussion and formulation of national policies regarding youth and crime have access to the requisite baseline data that comes out of the work of the YCWJ.

Through extensive research this component will also develop material and tool kits that are specific and relevant to current realities and situations.

Policy Coordination

In view of the strong policy formation that will be carried out, a comprehensive analysis will be been done on all Jamaican youth strategic plans, legislation, policies, standards and guidelines.  This will inform the priority next steps to be carried out for promoting strengthened synergies and coordination in the formation of youth policy; ensuring youth empowerment and advocacy in policy processes; and promoting implementation of policies through improved strategic plans and decentralized capacity building.

Contact Information

Address: c/o Office of Social Entrepreneurship, Department of Management Studies, UWI Mona, Kingston 7
Phone: (876) 977-8038 ext. 286
Fax: (876) 940-4919
Open: Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Contact: Programme Manager
Phone: (876) 977-8038

  1. Applications for membership shall be in writing in such form as the Board may prescribe, and shall be accompanied by a recommendation and character reference from two existing members who have each been in good standing with YCWJ for at least one year prior to the date of application.

  2. All applications for General Membership shall be considered at meetings of the Board. They shall be assessed against criteria established by the board from time to time and shall be granted based on majority vote. The Board may delegate all or part of this function to a Membership Committee.

  3. Members and/or Directors may make formal recommendations to the Board for potential candidates for Honorary or Associate Membership. Such appointments shall be made by consensus of the Board after giving full consideration and due diligence investigation to the probable advantages – or disadvantages – of so appointing the recommended person or organisation.

  4. Core members shall be chosen from among the general membership of the YCWJ. Appointments to Core Membership can be made by decision of the Board of Directors, with the approval of the membership by vote in a general meeting. Core members shall be chosen on the basis of a track record of commitment to the values and objectives of the YCWJ and compliance with membership duties and obligations.


Categories of Membership

  1. Core Membership: Core members are entitled to voting and other rights and privileges of membership and shall be bound by the Code of Conduct and other policies of YCWJ. 

  2. General Membership: General Membership is open to all persons wishing to be a part of YCWJ, who have successfully completed a membership process. General members are entitled to voting and other rights and privileges of membership and shall be bound by the Code of Conduct and other policies of YCWJ.

  3. Associate Membership: Associate Membership is reserved for persons and organizations who are invited to partner closely with YCWJ without having all the rights and obligations of membership. Associate members may attend general meetings of the YCWJ but shall not have voting rights. Associate members may be invited to serve as directors or volunteers of the YCWJ, but may not hold an executive office. Associate members are exempt from dues and other resource commitments, but are otherwise bound by the Code of Conduct and other policies of the YCWJ.

  4. Honorary Membership:  Honourary membership shall be granted by the consensus of the Board of Directors to any person or organization who has shown commitment to the values and objectives of the YCWJ.  Honourary members shall be exempt from payments of dues or other obligations, shall have no voting or other rights, and shall not be eligible to hold any executive office. They are not subject to, but shall be guided by, the Code of Conduct and other policies of YCWJ.

The YCWJ has created synergies with the Office of Social Entrepreneurship, Department of Management Studies, UWI Mona (Faculty of Social Sciences) on the “Saving Lives through Enterprise” Programme. The programme aims to develop a model of sustainable community development, which seeks to prevent the formation of and entry into violent gangs and to transform existing gang members into partners for enterprise emphasizing the empowering of youth and women in entrepreneurship.