The Learning Lorry has made all workshops possible, without it, the teacher training element of the Crayons Count campaign would simply not have been possible. Using the Learning Lorry, workshops have been held over a 17 month period in all fourteen parishes and 1833 teachers in all have been trained and the training continues.

This self contained mobile learning unit has provided a comfortable space that has been equipped with the necessary presentation media and learning tools that made the CC workshops different from workshops offered elsewhere.


Crayons Count has changed the landscape of early childhood education. Gone are the days when only the children from Preparatory schools (usually from more affluent families) are the only ones who are exposed to the best learning tools and hence given a better learning opportunity.

Now, with the support of National Baking Company, all of Jamaica’s children who attend an early childhood education institution are exposed to the same learning tools and the teachers are trained to optimize learning outcomes using these tools.