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Building Climate Conscious Communities

Excerpt from Press Release

Treasure Beach is the first Jamaican community out of the blocks to take up the Caribbean Climate Smart Accelerator’s challenge.  Stakeholders are keen for Treasure Beach to be a climate conscious community. 

Treasure Beach, Jamaica: Fishing, farming and community-based tourism are the way of life in the rural, coastal community of Treasure Beach. Here, development must be sustainable.  It is the only option.  And steps have been taken in recognition of this reality.

“We have been working in Treasure Beach for two years with our Crayons Count early childhood pilot project. This is a tight knit community on the climate change front line where the lives and livelihoods of the residents are inextricably linked to the environment. Resilience is embedded in the culture.  So, with the support of the community, we applied for a grant to give the residents tools to become more resilient, adapt and grow” explained Deika Morrison, co-founder of Do Good Jamaica.

Through the Special Climate Change Adaptation Fund – AP&FM Project PPCR, Do Good Jamaica received a grant from the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ) to do just that. 

Our Mini-Documentary

We created this mini-documentary to increase awareness/understanding and inspire further action, not just in Treasure Beach but everywhere. Watch and listen to the stories of the people in this coastal rural community where fishing, farming and community tourism are the way of life.  Please share.

Our Process

Here’s a summary of what we did to find out what the problems were and engage the community to build awareness and understanding to take action.

Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment

As prepared by Environmental Solutions Ltd. through review of existing studies, consultation with community residents and stakeholders and field observations.

Our Pamphlet and Insert

In our communities, our livelihoods depend on the environment. Changes in temperature, rainfall and/or sea levels pose real challenges to our economic and social well-being. We are on the front-line of climate change. We must take steps to be climate conscious and resilient

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