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Resources for parents and teachers based on early childhood themes and concepts from the curriculum.


We teamed up with Cathryn O’Sullivan of Bloom Early Childhood Centre of Excellence Jamaica, Caribbean Child Development Centre, The UWI Open Campus and Rachel Moss to create “I Can’t Go to School but I Can Do Lots of Things” to help children understand why they are learning from home and support them as they adjust.

Read here: I Can’t Go To School But I Can Do Lots Of Things

Flu Fighters  – Crayons Count Activity Page

DOWNLOAD: Crayons Count – Flu Fighters

Crayons Count Math Workbook

Crayons Count also provided its first ever Crayons Count Math Workbook. Produced by Jackmandora for Do Good Jamaica, written by Kellie Magnus and illustrated by Rachel Moss, this workbook and its individual pages can be downloaded for use in the classroom and home.

Make Math Count!


Full Workbook: Crayons Count Math Workbook

Individual Pages

Add & Subtract

Add & Subtract pg 2

Coloring Cards

Coloring Cards pg 2


Compare pg 2


Count the Dots

Find the Numbers

Fun with Numbers

Match the Numbers

Math Story


Money pg 2

Multiply and Divide

Multiply and Divide pg 2

Numbers in the Neighbourhood

Numbers in the Neighbourhood pg 2



Shapes pg 2


Other Resources

Alphabet Chart

Letter Cards

Rhyming Cards


What Goes Together