There are many ways to help early childhood institutions. Donations in cash and kind, coordinated and designated to meet specific needs can assist these schools to raise the quality of early childhood education and development.  In many instances, the needs also help these schools to meet the certification requirements of the Early Childhood Commission.

Crayons Count only donates items that are age-appropriate (3-6 years old), non-toxic and meet the highest standards of safety. These supplies can be allocated to any of the 2500+ early childhood institutions across Jamaica that Crayons Count has supported since 2011 – all early childhood institutions that have applied for registration with the Early Childhood Commission.  However, the priority is the 13 early childhood institutions in our special pilot project in Treasure Beach

Cash Donations enable us to:
• Purchase supplies and equipment for the children in bulk at preferential prices.
• Purchase necessary hardware supplies to install/construct, repair and beautify the school environment, also a requirement to meet standards e.g. partitions, paint, fencing etc.
• Provide training programs and workshops for the teachers in required areas such as general certification, paediatric first aid, children’s rights, special needs etc.
• Support the administration of the school with teacher stipends, basic food supplies, payment of the several certification fees required by the Government of Jamaica and its agencies

Cash donations can be made directly to Do Good Jamaica by bank transfer email us at or cheque payable to Do Good Jamaica.

To make a tax deductible 501c3 contribution, you can do so here at

In Kind Donations
New and gently used in-kind donations are welcome. IMPORTANT: If coming from outside of Jamaica, please contact us prior to any drives or purchases so that we can ensure that the items can be imported, cleared at customs etc.

Classroom Supplies

• Art Supplies e.g. feathers, sequins, glitter, pipe cleaners
• Blocks – wooden, plastic or foam
• Books – types include single word, picture, activity, sensory, story, alphabet, rhyming, simple factual, pop-up, big (especially with children from multicultural and diverse background)
• Coloured Pencils
• Crayons – different sizes (Jumbo, Extra Large, Large, Regular)
• Developmentally appropriate toys that support curriculum themes such as stuffed animals, dolls (especially those with darker skin tones to help children celebrate their ethnicity), puppets (no small parts for eyes etc.), toy vehicles/wheeled toys,
• Glue – Sticks or Liquid
• Manipulatives – lego, lacing, buttons, pegs and pegboards, magnatiles, tangrams etc.
• Markers
• Paint
• Paintbrushes
• Paper – Construction, Blank
• Pencils
• Playdough
Puzzles (4-24 pieces)
• Scissors
• Other appropriate classroom supplies

Gross Motor Play Supplies and Equipment
• Balls – different sizes and types
• Bats – foam or other safe types
• Bean Bags – Alphabet + Number
• Hulahoops
• Jungle Gym
• Playground Mulch/Safety Surface (recycled rubber especially)
• Play mats e.g. rubber puzzle type
• Skipping Ropes
• Wings
• Slides
• Monkey Bars
• Other appropriate play equipment + supplues

Teacher + Administration Supplies
• Audio visual aids (CD player, TV, DVD) plus educational CDs + DVDs to help with language development
• Bulbs (high wattage cylindrical, 6ft. to increase lighting to 540 lux)
• Cleaning + sanitation supplies
• Fans (wall and ceiling)
• Fire extinguishers
• Large garbage receptacles
• Paper – Printer
• Paper towels
• Pre-School reference books (ideas, activities)
• Laminating pouches (8.5 x 11)
• Laminators
• Markers for White Boards
• Safety covers for electrical outlets
• Sleeping mats for nap time
• Velcro
• White Board
• Other classroom supplies

Service donations with special products and services are welcome namely, hardware supplies, construction skills, electrical and plumbing skills, early childhood teacher trainers + workshop facilitators,


Curriculum themes are listed below. Any of the above items for the schools that help to support these themes are especially welcome. In addition to the overall focus on literacy, numeracy and development, Crayons Count has also had a special emphasis on play based learning to meet the curriculum themes, especially in demonstrated areas of challenges islandwide such as building social skills, developing math/science skills and also an appreciation and understanding of the environment.

• All About Me
• Animals
• Celebrations (Birthdays, Christmas, Heroes Day etc.)
• Family
• Foods
• Water (rain, rivers, beach etc.)
• Celebrating Me
• People in Our Community (farmer, fisherman, market vendors, policeman, dentist, doctor nurse etc.)
• Plants
• Sports
• Transportation
• Weather
• Jamaica Land We Love
• Our Country Jamaica: Our People

Visit this link for our Crayons Count activity book we have provided for all schools to get a sense of what learning tools are used to meet the curriculum themes: Teachers Tots and Tools