York Hill Early Childhood Institution

“Principal and teachers at York Hill E.C.I are thankful for your donation of teaching/ learning materials. It has enhanced the children’s learning and they are enjoying them so much. We trust that we will have a continuous friendship.Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Solas Early Childhood Institution

“We are very grateful and we would like to say thanks a million. May God continue to bless your company.”

Gordon’s Early Childhood Institution

“Gordon’s E.C.I wants to thank you for the teaching learning materials that we have received. We are very grateful for them. The kit has given us an idea of adding a resource room in our institution to help our children who have difficulty learning in the regular classroom setting. thank you so much Do Good Jamaica continue to do the good you are doing for early childhood. Looking forward to a long and healthy relationship.”

Banana Ground Basic School

“The staff at Banana Ground Basic School wishes to express thanks for the Crayons Count supplies.These materials are needed in our classrooms and have been used by the teachers to make learning more attractive and interactive. We wish for you God’s blessings as you continue to work with our nation’s children.”

Stewart Town Basic School

Burke’s Basic School

“The Principal and staff of the Burke’s Basic School would like to thank you all for the lovely packages we have received. It will bring enrichment to the learning of the children here. Once again I thank you and may the good Lord continue blessing you for the good you are doing.”

Greenvale Anglican Basic School

Hampstead Basic

“Thank you very much for the Crayons Count kit that you gave us. We appreciate it and the children are grateful for it. Thanks again.”

Eye View Basic School

“On behalf of the board and staff of the Eye View Basic School, we would like to say a special thank you for all the learning materials you have sent us. We are very thankful for it.”

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St Thomas Hill View Kindergarten

“The Principal and staff of the ST Thomas Hill View Kinder Prep wishes to express our sincere gratitude on receiving the learning kit we recently received. Our Early Childhood Department was blessed to have the resources and they go a far way into building the foundation needed for the students’ education.”

Tiny Totts  Learning  Center  

“It is with hearts of gratitude that the Tiny Totts Learning Center takes pleasure in saying thank you. Tiny Totts Learning Center is very grateful for the gifts we received through your agency (Crayons Count).”

Wee Care Nursery & Pre School

Insight Nursery & Early Childhood Centre

“I would like to say thank you for the package that was delivered to us last month. We appreciate it so much because we are really in- need of toys and blocks for our students, but due to lack of funds we are unable to purchase most of these items.”

“On the behalf of the staff and students we just want to let you know we appreciate the fact that someone still care about us and reach out to assist us. Have a good day and God bless you all.”

Hamilton Gardens Basic School

“It is with joy that I convey sincere thanks to you Crayons Count on behalf of the children and teachers of the Hamilton Gardens Basic School for the gift of early childhood learning and development kits. The school will certainly utilize these learning tools in the very best way possible to further enhance the development of our children. Thank you. ”

Whitehouse Early Childhood Institution

Four Road Basic School

“The Four Road Basic School wishes to thank your organization for the Crayons Count kit that you have donated to our institution. We can assure you that it has helped us tremendously. Our children will benefit greatly from the resources, again we thank you.”

Unipen Early Childhood Institution

“The Unipen E.C.I. Family wishes to thank the Do Good Jamaica and the sponsors of Crayons Count for their generous offer of some well needed learning resources.””Thanks for recognizing the needs of our young Jamaicans and making an active move in creating a solution to the problem of the lack of resources within the Jamaican Education System, especially at the early childhood level where it is most needed. The early childhood years are the most critical of a child’s development as these years form the firm foundation on which the emerging academic years depend greatly.”

“We can assure you that the items received will greatly enhance the teaching and learning experience of this noble institution.  We wish for this company continued success. Again we say thanks for recognizing the importance of early childhood education and making a positive move to contribute to the greater good of our country’s youths.”

Laura’s Basic School

 B.Josephs Early Childhood  

“The B.Josephs Early Childhood is extremely grateful for your kind gift in which we were indeed lacking.”

Penrith Early Childhood Educational Centre

“On behalf of the chairman, P.T.A. president, members of staff and all the children, we would like to say a big thank you to Crayons Count and sponsors for your generous support. The children are enjoying every moment of its use.”

Iona Preparatory School

St. Ann’s Bay Infant School

“Let me express gratitude on behalf of the St. Ann’s Bay Infant School family for the wonderful gifts you gave us. The students are enjoying them all. They are enhancing the learning process in both numeracy and literacy. Thanks for considering Early Childhood Education. May God bless all your endeavours.”

 Learning Cottage Preschool family

“On behalf of the entire Learning Cottage Preschool family, I’d like to utilize this medium to say a loud THANK YOU! We were more than pleasantly surprised and thrilled to have received a “Goody Box” from your organization, and it was very much unexpected but greatly appreciated. We can assure you that each item will be put to good use.”

“We salute you and the members of Do Good Jamaica along with all the sponsors of the Crayons Count Initiative and pray that you will see continued support and success as you support Early Childhood Education in Jamaica.”


New Broughton Basic School

St. Leonard’s Early Childhood Institution

“We are elated about your gift and the great task you took in assisting the Early Childhood Institutions in Jamaica. With the gifts you have sent us we will be able to do much more.”

“We salute you and want to express heartfelt gratitude.  I am sure the other schools in Westmoreland would like to personally say thanks and so I also extend thank you on their behalf.  God bless your effort as you help educate Jamaican children.”

Clever Kids Care Centre

“Clever Kids Care Centre appreciates the package from Crayons Count. It will be used in the development of our young ones. Thank you , and we wish for your organization every blessing.”

National Housing Trust Aftercare


Hertford Early Childhood Institution

“We the teachers and parents of the Hertford Early Childhood Institution would like to say a very special thank you for being a recipient of the Crayons Count Learning Kit. I know this will assist with helping students to develop their fine motor skills, thinking skills and the spirit of discovery learning. Once again thank you very much.”

Liberty Academy Kindergarten

“I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the Crayons Count organization for the donation of Early Childhood Supplies to Liberty Academy Kindergarten Dept. We really appreciate this gesture and we are making good use of the equipment. Once again thank you.”

NCB Early Childhood Development Centre

“On behalf of all of us at NCB Early Childhood Development Centre, I would like to thank you very much for your recent contribution, the Crayons Count learning kit. We are extremely grateful for your generosity. We would also like to ask if our thanks and appreciation could be conveyed to your major sponsors National Baking Co. Ltd. and The Gleaner. We realize that without the sponsors it would not be possible. Thank you for your thoughtful donation, we look forward to working with you in the future. We, and those we serve, deeply appreciate your generosity.”

Caledonia Early Childhood School

Faith Mission Early Childhood Development Centre

“The Faith Mission E.C.D.C wants to thank you all for the wonderful learning resources you sent us. These learning tools will surely assist in enhancing the development and stimulation of our children. We hope that you continue to support, motivate and uplift our children so they can achieve academically and display morals, values to society. “Every child can learn, every child must learn”.

Biddiford Basic School

Reliance Basic School

“The management and staff of the Reliance Basic School would like to express their sincere appreciation to you and your team for your kind contribution to our institution. We can assure you that the materials given will be used to enhance our student’s creative ability. Thanks for helping our nation’s children.”

Harrison’s Prep. School

“The Harrison’s Prep. School family would like to say a very big  thank you for your kind contribution.We greatly appreciate it and pray that God will continue to bless your organization and you continue to give generously. Again, Thank You.”

Curlin Johnson Basic School

“We the teachers and students of the Curlin Johnson Basic School would like to express our appreciation to you for granting us with such educational toys and manipulatives.”

“The students have fun playing with the toys which also enhance their learning ability, fine motor skills and cognitive development. Thanks once more.”

Nutshell Basic School 

“The Board of Management of the Nutshell Basic School wishes to express our sincere gratitude to you and your many sponsors for your kind gift in the form of the Crayons Count Learning kit. We appreciate your kind gesture. We would like to assure you that the contents of the kit will be used for its intended purpose and very good care will be taken of it.”

“Our students will have fun as they build their fine and gross muscles during play as they use the materials. In the future we will contact you and give you an update on how beneficial the kit is to us. We look forward for your continued support and once again we say thanks for your kind deed.”

Church of the Transfiguration Basic School

Bailey’s Basic School

“On behalf of the students and staff of the Bailey’s Basic School I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to you and your organization for your kind support and contribution to us. The donations have truly helped to enhance the children’s learning and schools environment by creating more opportunities to develop their cognitive, creative and manipulative skills.”

“This contribution was very timely and befitting. We look forward to your continued.May the Lord continue to bless and prosper you and your organization as you continue to help and improve early childhood institutions across Jamaica.”


Sunrays Educational Centre 

” The management and staff of Sunrays Educational Centre wishes to say a big thank you to Do Good Jamaica and Crayons Count for your kind contribution of a learning kit.”

“This will help us to carry out our mandate which is : to prepare the whole child, through the use of a Christian curriculum, cutting edge technology and learning environment, in order for each child to maximize his/her full potential and become a productive citizen of this nation and beyond.” We will use your gift to its fullest potential.”

Kingsgate Prep

“Thank you for including us in your Do Good Jamaica ‘Crayons Count’ initative, we have received the promotional kit and it is greatly appreciated.”

El Instituto De Mandevilla

 Seventh Day Baptist Early Childhood Institution/ Smith’s Better Learning Preparatory

“The principal and staff and students of the Seventh Day Baptist Early Childhood Institution/ Smith’s Better Learning Preparatory, would like to use this medium in saying a hearty thank you for providing us with the much need teaching aids/manipulatives for our students. These learning resources will be used to help with the development of the nation’s children. Thanks a million.”

Dorothy Webber’s Basic 

“We the Principal and Staff of Dorothy Webber’s Basic would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the donation given.  We know that this give will be very helpful to our children and so we are most grateful as we have fun with the children we will always remember you.  We therefore implore you to continue the good work and May you be bless continually.”

Waterloo Basic School

Trinitarian Basic School

“A big thank you on behalf of the Trinitarian Basic School for you contribution to the student. I am positive they will enjoy using these colourful and attractive things, they will also help to develop there fine motor skills and other wise. May the Lord continue to bless your efforts.”

National Housing Trust After Care

“My staff and I would like to convey a BIG “Thank You” to your organization and your sponsors for the learning kit presented to the National Housing Trust After Care. It was a wonderful surprise and the children will certainly benefit from using these materials. This is indeed welcomed by the Early Childhood Institutions in Jamaica.”

Bamboo Basic School