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Inspired School Leaders Mean Inspired Students

The Jamaica Observer article ‘Student incentives work well at Whitehall Primary’ brings a lovely start to our Monday morning.

The  school’s guidance counselor for Whitehall Primary in St Thomas read about creating brands to achieve a better quality life. She was inspired to apply this concept to the school environment. From there, the Peaceful Classroom Competition initiative was born.

Through the competition, students and their respective classes received points for meeting the criteria, chief among which is the daily performance of a good deed. Other criteria required the students to keep their classrooms in pristine conditions and to excel academically.

Students are recognized during devotion and prizes have included field trips to the library and tours of the Norman Manley International Airport. As a result of the good deed element the students strive to get those points for their classes. These good deeds have included returning lost money and class supplies.

Well done Whitehall Primary. Keep doing good. 

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