Crayons Count is a campaign to support early childhood education and we love to see children learn. As a result, we spend lots of times supporting, engaging and interacting with children of all ages, sizes and places.

Early Childhood Education is best investment that could be made in the life of a child. The early years are when children’s brains grow most rapidly. They learn fastest and best at this time. From the curriculum, the early years are when children learn, for example:

Basics of Literacy and Numeracy – text moves from left to right, how to sound out words, how to write their names, how to read and write and understand certain texts, how to add and subtract

Manners – please, thank you, you’re welcome;

Values – sharing, cooperation, caring, trust;

Self-Confidence – about themselves and to value themselves;

Motor Skills – for example, using a crayon which is the basis for writing; about money, the weather, dates, time, weights, scales and safety

National Pride –the National Pledge, the National Anthem, National Symbols.

According to the 2006 High/Scope Perry Preschool: “Each US dollar invested in early childhood development yields a cumulative economic return to society of 17 dollars, a better return than any stock investment, with 12 dollars directly benefiting the public. Of the public return, 88 percent came from crime savings, 4 percent from education, 7 percent from increased taxes paid on higher earnings, and 1 percent from welfare savings.“

Invest in our children to see greater returns for the country later.

Since February 11, 2012, we have provided a full page of activities for children in The Gleaner every Saturday. with content that comes straight from the Early Childhood Commission curriculum. What children up to the age of 8 should be learning is now in The Saturday Gleaner every single week and will be for 52 weeks. This was done in direct response to the shortage of curriculum appropriate materials that many schools face. On a Saturday, it is ideal for families.

Through the support of the media, Crayons Count has articulated to the public a number of the beneifts of supporting early childhood education. From donations to events to teacher training, we do all this, with the support of our Sponsors & partners  of course, for the kids. Our events are where we really get to interact with the kids and includes fun days, literacy sessions, special days, fairs, and even a Summer School program. Our annual National Children’s Day was beyond amazing and we had fun every single minute. As we always say, “We do this for the kids!”